Propagator with lid by The Pure Factory, 58 x 37 x 23 cm. With 2 adjustable openings for air-ventilation. Excellent price-quality relationship.
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Mini High Dome Propagator
Mini High Dome Propagator Ideally sized for the windowsill and perfect for growing numerous seed varieties, each in their own micro climate. The base tray features our unique 2 tier drainage cell holes drainage holes while the cover features our...
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HGA Heated Propagator (620x420x760 cm)
HGA Heated Propagator (620x420x760 cm) Professional propagator with heated base via heat-resistant silicone-lined cable. Its potentiometer allows growers to precisely regulate its temperature. Dimensions (cm) 60x40x25 Temperature range 25-30ºC Seedbed No Power (W) 50  
VDL Propagator (39 x 59 x 21 cm)
VDL Propagator (39 x 59 x 21 cm) The high-quality VDL propagator is specially designed for the germination and rooting of cuttings. This VDL plastic propagator has top ventilation for better regulation of temperature and humidity. The shape of the...
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